YANMAR//Academy Front Runner Recognition

We are proud to award Casey Brock for being the YANMAR//Academy’s Front Runner of the quarter and recipient of a $150 Snap-On gift certificate!

Casey is staying “In-Motion” and up-to-date with all the current training courses offered by the YANMAR//Academy. He has utilized a combination of both ILT training courses that take place at our YANMAR EVO//Center and a number our web-based courses offerings through POWER//Train.

We wanted to take a minute to sit down with Casey to learn what fuels his passion for being a YANMAR Technician and utilizing the YANMAR//Academy’s course offerings.

Q: What is your role in working with YANMAR products?

A: I am an inside sales rep for Crosspoint Power and Refrigeration. I oversee how many engines we purchase and sell each year, what changes we need to make for our customers.

Q: If you are an Inside Sales rep, why was taking service based YANMAR//Academy courses important to you?

A: I wanted to get a better understanding of the TNV Engine and how to work on them, every now and then if something comes up and one of our techs is out, I do have to work on the engines myself. I needed to gain a better understanding to help my company as well as our customers.

Q: How has completing the YANMAR//Academy training helped your selling skills?

A: It has helped a ton being able to answer the questions more efficiently, being able to talk about the Tier 4 Final confidently and answer customer questions. I really have a better understanding of the engines and how they work. It also really helped me understand the advantages of YANMAR product versus other brands which in-turn has helped my sales.

Q: How many web-based training courses have you taken through YanmarPowerTrain.com?

A: I've taken 9 courses.

Q: Which web-based courses offered through YANMAR POWER//Train were the most beneficial to you and why?

A: They were all very good but the web-based course I enjoyed the most was the “Electrical Schematics Overview”

Q: What was the best part about coming out to the YANMAR//Academy for the TNV Engine Testing, Troubleshooting & Repair training?

A: Best part was the overall knowledge I walked away with and our Instructor, Jim Fontana was awesome! I was really impressed with how new and nice the facility was. All the areas of the YANMAR EVO//Center were great, we got to tour the museum area and that was excellent.

Q: If you could own any type of YANMAR equipment, what would it be?

A: UTV Bull series.

Q: Do you have any final advice you would like to share with others contemplating coming out to the YANMAR//Academy?

A: Do it, for sure! There is a lot to learn out there. Even if you think you have learned it all there is definitely more to discover and ways to improve your service or selling skills.

Increase your chance of being the YANMAR//Academy Top Tech winner and register for courses today!

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