YANMAR//Academy Front Runner Recognition - February 2019

We are proud to announce Anthony Bennett of Elberta Hardware is the YANMAR//Academy Front Runner of the quarter and recipient of a $150 Snap-On gift certificate!

Anthony is staying “In-Motion!” by successfully completing 2 YANMAR//Academy Courses offered at our training facility in Acworth, GA and 7 web-based courses offerings through YanmarPowerTrain.com within a very short period of time

We were excited to take a minute to talk with Bennett to learn what fuels his passion for the industry and growing his own personal knowledge base.

Q: What is your role within your dealership?

I am one of the tractor technicians and service manager for Elberta Hardware.

Q: Which YANMAR//Academy Courses have you taken with us?

I have taken the SA-Series, Testing, Trouble Shooting, & Repair as well as TNV Engine Training

Q: How would you rate each of your instructors?

I had Jim Fontana in TNV training and Calvin Hubbard for the SA Tractor Course. Both of them were a 10. Calvin was excellent at taking something complex and making so anyone could understand it. Jim Fontana was very technically oriented and placed more emphasis on what he knows YANMAR techs are going to come across in the field.

Q. So far you have taken 7 Web-Based courses through YanmarPowerTrain.com, tell us about that.

The most beneficial to me so far has been hydraulics and then a close second would be the electrical.

Q: How long have you been a technician working on YANMAR product?

After retiring from the coast guard in August of 2017, I started working for Elberta Hardware.

Q: Why is training as technician important to you?

Tier 4 Emissions was a major part of it and we have a belief at Elberta Hardware if we are going to sell the equipment, we should have a YANMAR trained technician not just a somebody who has some experience.

Q: How has completing the YANMAR//Academy training helped in your technical repair skills?

A ton on the electrical side as far as schematics and equally as important the hydraulics because they are very similar as far as the flow. It’s also helped increase my confidence and taught me to listen to my gut more often.

Q Which YANMAR Academy Course was the most beneficial to you?

The course that has really helped me is SA-Series. This class by far gave me more experience and knowledge regarding the tractor because most of the time its not the engine that we have the problem with, it’s the wire harness, a switch or electrical issue.

Q: If you could own any type of YANMAR equipment what would it be and why?

SA-324. I’m in love with that machine. It’s a power house for what is and if you guys want to include one of those in the next “Train-To-Win” Training blitz then I’m cool with that.

Q: Do you have any final advice you would like to share with others?

Give it a chance. The techs at Elberta Hardware want to always look out for the customer, that’s why we are here and continue getting training. YANMAR, keep on rocking.

Increase your chance of being the YANMAR//Academy Front Runner and register for courses today through your account on YanmarPowerTrain.com!

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